College of Innovation and Management, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is located at 1 U-Thong Nok Road Wachira Dusit Bangkok 10300 in the Hemvadeepitak (Building 37) Tel. 0 2160 1185-88, Fax. 0 2160 1184 (www.cim.ssru.ac.th)

          College of Innovation and Management was established in 1997 as the “Personnel Management Project for Executives” with the co-operate from Department of Non-Formal Education, Ministry of Education and aimed to create the education opportunity to the entrepreneur and others which does not have a change to finish their bachelor degree. There are 2 courses which offer to the prospect student by the Personnel Management Project for Executives which are Bachelor of Business Administration in Quality Management (B.B.A in Quality Management) and Bachelor of Public Administration (B.P.A.)

           In 2005, the Personnel Management Project for Executives was renamed to College of Management and had Asso. Prof. Wichien Sriprachan as the first director. And in 2008, the name had been changed to the College of Innovation and Management.

          College of Innovation and Management is a educational sector which equivalent to faculty level  has its own regulation and have a mission to teach, research, academic service and foster the art and culture.

          College of innovation and management has been growing up and developing with the assist by the co-operation with both government agency and private sector entrepreneur also with the strong support from the college of innovation and management’s executives, Lecturers and staffs. The college of innovation and management will strongly hold to the principle which is “The quality education will develop the learner to the good leader in the future”

           Administration of the College of Innovation and Management Has developed And progress by creating a network Cooperation with both public and private sectors Including the support of executives The participation of faculty and staff of the University, College of Innovation and Management Everyone is involved to make the administration of the college follow the strategies and plans of the college. That is consistent with the university's strategy and plan Education management for Creating executives Entrepreneurs in both the public and private sectors have the ability to compete. Based on the principle that "quality education will develop learners today To be a good leader in the days ahead "

            On March 9, 2014, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Council Approved the establishment of the College of Logistics and Supply Chain College, Logistics and Supply Chain College Has separated from the College of Innovation and Management Both in Management and teaching management (http://cls.ssru.ac.th)

            At present, the College of Innovation and Management Manage teaching at the undergraduate level, 10 branches, 4 master's degree programs and 2 doctoral degree programs.

Undergraduate :

 Bachelor of Business Administration 

1. Quality Management Program

2. Business Information Management

3. Trade Management Branch

4. International Trade Innovation Program

5. E-Sports Management Program

6. Business Computing

Management Innovation (Bilingual)

- Tourism and Service Management Innovation

- Innovation in digital technology management

- Innovation in e-sports and games management

Bachelor of Arts Program

1. Security Management Innovation Program

Bachelor of Science Program

1. Information for Communication and Marketing

 Master's degree :

 Master of Management Program

1. Management Innovation Branch

2. Professional Football Management

3. Human Capital Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship

4. Sports Management

Doctoral degree :

Doctor of Philosophy Program

1. Management Innovation Program

2. Sports Management